Steve Jobs physical body may not be with us any longer, but his spirit and words of wisdom remain available and celebrated on places like YouTube. A true inspiration!

Unfortunately, there wasn’t technology to capture what pioneers had to say earlier in our history. Bursting with an archive of collected speeches and thoughts of my dear grandfather, Harry Warner, one of the founders and the President of Warner Bros. Studios, I decided it’s time to share his philosophy of life with you.

Toddler Cass with Grampa Harry

Toddler Cass with Grampa Harry

This quote is the first of a series, and was taken from a speech that was delivered on July 10th 1926—a month before their first big breakthrough with sound happened with their film DON JUAN:

“The two big essentials for success are right thinking and hard work…it’s a natural thing for a person to feel discouraged, especially after he has worked hard and thought right without realizing any tangible results.  That’s just the time to buck up and fight a little harder.  Don’t let discouragement lick you. Success is right around the corner.” Harry Warner 1926

Now there’s the joy of applying this piece of life truth.  Can you think of examples of how you’ve done this?  Would love to hear about them from you, as I’m collecting your quotes to add to this book I’m putting together—juxtaposing then and now.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Enjoy!


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