Cass in Toronto

When I was asked by a kind soul who is “a big believer in the passing of wisdom between generations, the wisdom of elders, and the preservation of legacies” to come and speak, I was honored.  I’d like to personally thank Gerard Holmes at the Investment Industry Association of Canada for having me be part of the finale of his event.

The enormity of pleasure I get in sharing some of the philosophy that existed in The Golden Years of Hollywood puts a permanent smile on my soul.  I even got to see a couple wonderful films at the Toronto Film Festival.

Being a curious sort, I asked for those in the audience to raise their hands if they felt, “Those who produce films influence how we think and act?”  I equate media today as our tribal drum–a beat or tune that we hear over and over again.  It’s similar to what one of the Warner brothers said, “Those who control the films control the morality of the world.” You reading this, please let me know what YOU think?

Wishing you joy in whatever it is you’re creating!


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