About the Book

This book is a way for me to share the joy of knowing my grandfather as well as a way to give something back in gratitude for him being in my life. My grandfather, Harry Warner, loved being the patriarch of our family as well as of the studio. His pioneering and visionary spirit was a wonderful thing to discover!

"Cass gives a heartfelt account of her grandfather, Harry Warner's extraordinary journey from Jewish immigrants to media titan. As one of the founders and president of Warner Bros. Studios, his impact on the film industry and popular culture is still widely felt today." -- David Zaslav - Chief Executive Officer and President of Warner Bros. Discovery

"The motion pictures are built of more than celluloid and scenery. Our industry, above any other, is founded on human values and is fostered by the idealism of the men and women in it. Hope and vision is our job." -- Harry M. Warner