Warner Family Heritage Project

Photo of Hollywood sign

Welcome to the Warner Family Heritage Project, a profound and meticulous journey into the rich history and enduring legacy of the four visionary founders of Warner Bros. Studios and the broader Warner family. Spearheaded by the dedicated family archivist, Cass Warner, this digital odyssey delves deep into the personal stories, experiences, and achievements of the illustrious Warner family, bringing them to life in a vibrant and interactive digital family tree and treasure trove.

Cass has taken her passion for preserving her family's heritage to new heights by creating an exclusive NFT collection on the cutting-edge, interactive platform OpenSea, ensuring the perpetuation and continued celebration of the Warner family's contributions to the world of entertainment and beyond. Immerse yourself in this fascinating and unique historical adventure by visiting the Warner Family Heritage Project's NFT collection at: https://opensea.io/WarnerFamilyHeritageProject

The Warners posing for a family photo shortly after arriving in America
Harry and Abe Warner Looking Spiffy, Early 1900s
The four Warner Brothers, mid 1920s
Betty Warner, 1929