As the motion picture has contributed to the peace of the world…

More sharing as my archives of collected speeches and thoughts of my dear grandfather, Harry Warner, one of the founders and the President of Warner Bros. studios, continues to burst with his insightful words.

This quote is the second of a series I’m compiling for a book. It was taken from an October 27th 1926 interview done three months after the brothers’ first big breakthrough with sound happened with their film DON JUAN by using music from the Philharmonic Orchestra:

“As the motion picture has contributed to the peace of the world by giving to all peoples a greater and more truthful understanding of each other, so this new invention (the Vitaphone) will contribute to the world’s happiness by carrying to all men in all countries the beauty and contentment, the peace and the enjoyment that only the compositions rendered by the supreme artists of modern times can give.”

Imagine the thrill one has from realizing what one believed in has been met with lots of agreement from others that their idea is worthwhile.

Can you think of examples of this you’ve experienced?  Would love to hear about them from you, as I’m collecting your quotes to add to the book—juxtaposing then and now.

To the joy of creating!


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