A New Era With Vitaphone

Picture this!! The greatest artists of the operatic and musical field can be heard in the smallest of theaters as well as the largest.  Millions of people will be educated to a finer appreciation of the best music that has ever been written by the foremost composers.
Imagine!  The wonderful New York Philharmonic Orchestra—107 pieces—in a small town!  The synchronization of music and motion picture is an established fact, and on August 6th the great invention will be heard by the public at a deluxe world’s premiere presentation in conjunction with DON JUAN, one of the biggest roadshow attractions of the year.” — Harry M. Warner on July 24th, 1926
Excitement was in the air.  In about two weeks, my grandfather, Harry Warner’s wish to share what only the wealthy could afford—going to the theater to hear world-class music—was now about to change.
The film DON JUAN was released on August 6th 1926.  He was warming audiences up to accepting “talking” pictures, as they had a horrible reputation from failed attempts to synchronize voice with film.  These articles I’m finding are helping to paint a picture of the times.  Thrilling!

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