The Tuscan Hills Reward

Warner Sisters gave this “Sister” time to touch Tuscany–a reward of the highest order!

Planting myself across from Monteriggioni–a little village and walled city with 14 towers in the Siena province built in the first two decades of the 1200s.

Time to listen. Time to take in this soulful land. Time to feel her gentle wind, her summer storms, her rolling hills, her walled-cities, her elegance, the history in her ancient structures, and her aesthetic magic. I felt invited to breathe her air and treated myself to the quiet while piecing together all the quotes and speeches of my grandfather, Harry Warner, which makes me even more able to understand his passion for film making, the importance of the power he knew he had, and the difference he attempted to make.

Time to change my pace. Time to taste new flavors. Time to appreciate what is. Time to explore. Time to not have to be elsewhere. Time to imagine while driving through the Tuscan countryside while singing along with Andrea Bocelli or discovering a new flavor of gelato. Enjoying the ritual of eating a multi-course dinner with new friends for hours at a time, or at the table of an Italian family which was much like eating at my Jewish grandmother’s table. In other words, asking for a doggy bag is not considered polite.

Ain’t life grande!

Enjoy! Enjoy!

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