Cass "will inspire future generations of filmmakers."

Greetings to those of you whose eyes see this!

As we all know, being acknowledged for one’s passion & work is a wonderful thing.  In fact, I’m of the school who believes strongly in validating as much as one can in others as I’ve found that it tends to bring out a wish to do more of the same in someone.  Have you found that to be true?

Mr. O’Brien greatly complimented me with his words below which I greatly appreciate!  It means I’m doing my job– forwarding a reminder that once there were some brothers who had a strong wish to use film in the way described below.  May I reach and encourage many others to use this form of communication in this way.

“Thank you for making this film and making it available to be seen on the big screen! I think it has one of the most important messages of any film in that it deals with the responsibility of the filmmaker for the world around him. Your ancestors set a very high bar in this respect. Well done on creating a film that ensures their courage and compassion will be remembered and will inspire future generations of filmmakers.” – Michael O’Brien

To you and what you’re creating!


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