Cass at the Mendocino Film Festival

The lovely Mendocino Film Festival that took place the end of May needs to be mentioned as a highlight for me and THE BROTHERS WARNER. “Moving” pictures–took on another definition.  I was really touched by how the audience was openly “moved” emotionally–a reward of the highest order!

Danny Glover and Cass at Mendocino Film Festival

Danny Glover and Cass at Mendocino Film Festival

I appreciate so much when folks can express what they’re feeling, especially when I’ve turned my own insides out–put my soul on the screen.

Besides being one of the places one can go back into time, look out at the craggy coast and sea, walk in a town that takes you back in time with a most friendly, down to earth people–Mendo is not to be missed.

Big thanks to all those who took the time to make the festival happen! Festivals are a filmmaker’s life line as audience response is our hummingbird food.

To top it off the kind, talented, globally caring Danny Glover and I got a moment together.  Here’s a celebrity who is using his power in a beautiful way!

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