What a wonderful reception THE BROTHERS WARNER had at the Santa Barbara Film Festival–both screenings were sold out!

There was lots of great press. I was very pleased to receive the below article by Alex Hentelhoff, Casa Magazine in Santa Barbara :

“The Brothers Warner is as well made movie business doc as I’ve seen. It is more than that. It is a rich family portrait not only of a Hollywood success, but of that special American something that relies on freedom to create, to imagine, to inspire, and be inspired. These four immigrant brothers saw a nickelodeon show when they were kids, pooled their nickels to start their own showings, and went on to create a studio with a social conscience. Harry Warner said, “It’s not the challenge of dollars, it’s the challenge of ideals, and ideas…If the producers see only the dollar, I believe, those production efforts will fail.” Cass Warner, Harry’s granddaughter, has created a multi-layered gift to history and to her family…”

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