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…what was to come with Vitaphone

My excited grandfather, Harry Warner, had a lot to say about Warner Bros. passion for future developments, and what was to come with Vitaphone.*  He wrote this about six months before DON JUAN would rock the film world in 1926. “The reason new developments are so hard to put over, no matter how good they…

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Toddler Cass with Grampa Harry

Steve Jobs physical body may not be with us any longer, but his spirit and words of wisdom remain available and celebrated on places like YouTube. A true inspiration! Unfortunately, there wasn’t technology to capture what pioneers had to say earlier in our history. Bursting with an archive of collected speeches and thoughts of my…

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Cass in Toronto

When I was asked by a kind soul who is “a big believer in the passing of wisdom between generations, the wisdom of elders, and the preservation of legacies” to come and speak, I was honored.  I’d like to personally thank Gerard Holmes at the Investment Industry Association of Canada for having me be part…

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Greetings all! A very warm thank you to WILES MAGAZINE (“For Sexy, Savvy Socialites”), and especially to the editor-in-chief and writer, Teryl Warren for her article.  It’s a beautiful thing to have such words as this said about my film, “Like any great film, The Brothers Warner has all of the essential story elements:  there’s…

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Warner Bros. Employees

Sharing THE BROTHERS WARNER documentary with 435 Warner Bros. employees at The Ross Theater on the Warner lot, and presenting the Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Mr. Barry Meyer, with a gift from the family for his stellar and dedicated leadership and for his caring for human rights was truly an honor!  (The…

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